WE live digitally

Our vocation to the digital world has allowed us to gain a lot of experience in software development in over 30 years.

Behind us is our powerful team of people who are just as passionate about their hobby to improve the digital world. In doing so, we open up all areas, because design and software are inseparable things for us.

Lilia Anaskina - Managing Director:
❤️ for design and personnel

WE wilke experience

Manfred Wilke - Managing Director:
❤️ for Augmented Reality and Software

Competent through experience and passion for information technology.

Proven standards well combined with promising innovations - that is our recipe for up-to-date software

Through a large network of specialists, we create a customized solution for almost any situation.

WE are online

Almost all of our processes are available online. Simply said - our office is on the web. This creates short, fast paths and very high flexibility. Let us show you the added value of this way of working and go online with us.

WE are online

Open Source = "WE"

Collaboration as in the open source environment. We adapt working methods from large distributed teams for our processes and structures.

With this way of working we create an optimized communication, which contributes to the reliable success of your software. Because software equals communication.

WE Open Source
WE are international
WE speak many languages
WE are fair & friendly
WE are international

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