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Augmented Reality - the technology of the future & our hobbyhorse.

Augmented Reality is already in use in many areas and will support almost all industries in the future. It is the possibility to merge digital with reality.

This required years of development of technologies from various fields. This is exactly what makes this technology so interesting for us. A masterpiece of computer science and design for a whole new reality experience.

Dive with WE into the magical world of the new reality.

AR History

Our team is specialized in creating charming and real scenes. Animation and design are always perfectly coordinated.


Based in the beautiful Grimmheimat in Northern Hesse, we share a very special passion for history and fairy tales. Augmented Reality brings history back to life and brings fairy tales, legends and stories to life.

AR Games

Based on our conviction that AR will be a technology of the future, we would like to introduce you to this technology in a playful way.

WE App

Get to know the world of augmented reality with Paul, our mascot. Coming soon to the iOS and Android Store.

WE AR games

AR Distribution Solutions

Augmented Reality is "the" solution for successful sales. Display your product accurately in the customer's real environment. This way the customer can virtually place your product directly at home and feel it. The click to purchase is not far away. Here are a few examples:

Flooring supplier

With augmented reality, the customer has the opportunity to view your flooring at home. Virtual but with an incredible effect. Through this technology you even get the exact measurements.

WE AR floor coverings
Route a new floor virtually 👍


Building a house is always connected with a lot of emotions and mostly difficult to imagine on plans. You already have your planning in 3D or would like to do so? All protagonists such as architect, construction company and customer can directly check the planned in 3D, in different size representations and in independent locations.

WE AR Architecture

Product placement around the house

Any product for the house can be visualized using AR technology.

Windows, furniture, heaters are just a few examples that you can display with AR around the house. All these items can be presented in their different variants and colors, of course. So position, size and color behavior can be checked directly.

WE AR interior
Take a look at your new furniture 🏡

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