Augmented Reality – expand your world

We will gladly enrich for you the real world with digital elements.

Film industry and television have been using for a long time this technique of adding layers of 2D and 3D information onto the running image. What in the past took a great amount of effort and enormous computing power, can nowadays be displayed in real time on your mobile phone. Today we are able to integrate digital elements in the live camera picture stream of your mobile phone, as well as in so-called augmented reality glasses.

This results in a mix of reality and digital content. Real and virtual objects are related 3-dimensionally to each other.

Fantastic impressions await you! Become enchanted by our live presentation and see the various possibilities, which arise with this technological leap.

Be one of the first to experience and to benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

Our professional Augmented team has many years of expertise in this area and looks forward to each new challenge.